DAF Clarifier consists of a flotation tank, feed pump, pressure pump, compressor, air mixing tube, chemical feed system and a spiral scoop for collection and removal of floated sludge.
Fibre Recovery System for Paper Mills
DAF Clarifier for Dairy Wastewater Treatment
Primary Treatment of wastewater with air flotation
Air Mixing Tube
DAF Clarifier for Edible Oil Effluent Treatment
Textile Effluents Clarification with Dissolved Air
Air Flotation Clarifier- slaughterhouse effluent
Wastewater Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment
Wastewater Treatment in Food Industry
DAF Clarifiers for primary treatment
Effluent Treatment & Wastewater Treatment Plant
Packaged Effluent Treatment Plant
Efflient Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment with DAF Clarifier
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